Biomechanics Clinic with Nicole Zoet-Oostemeyer – Oct 4- 6, 2019

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This Clinic with NICOLE ZOET-OOSTEMEYER will focus on RIDER MECHANICS – the process of connecting your own body to free the movement of the horse.

Nicole’s teaching methods are streamlined to fit in with the brain’s natural learning processes. Her understanding of the biomechanics of movement and riding sets her apart from other instructors, her communication skills and ways of teaching are very different from the general experience. She dares to challenge the thought and reasoning processes of many well-established theories.  She thinks “outside the box” and can help provide new insights into your training and riding.

Nicole, originally from Belgium, and currently residing in Arizona, is the founder and president of Integrated Horsemanship Filosfie (IHF).  IHF represents her own knowledge and wisdom, specializing in the refinement of movement using the mirror effect between the horse and rider. IHF is widely accepted throughout Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA at all levels of dressage, jumping and driving.

Nicole travels annually between Europe and the US to provide training and education to students.  She and her daughter, Maeike Zoet, work together to provide successful IHF training and instructional programs.

For Nicole’s complete bio, please click here.

Friday Schedule – Private ($110 for 60 min) and Semi-Private ($65 for 90 min) lessons
Saturday Schedule – All Day GROUP lesson ($150 from 9a to 4p).  Limited to 8 horses and riders.  Price includes LUNCH.
Sunday Schedule – Half Day Intensive ($75 from 9a to noon) – Focus on Energy Centers of the Horse.   Limited to 8 participants

Any paid participants may audit Friday or Saturday for FREE.  NO AUDITORS allowed on SUNDAY.

Overnight stabling is available on a limited basis for an additional fee.

Lesson Topics:
– Riding with the right and left brain (discover the balance ratio)
– Improving the trot (sitting, posting and two-point)
– Analyzing the Halt and Half-Halt
– Controlling, collecting and extending the gaits
– Balance in turns, circles and reverses
– Half seat and pre-jumping exercises
– Cavalletti for dressage or jumping purposes
– Optimizing transitions (up and down)
– Schooling figures and arena strategies for training and competition
– Flexing, bending and suspension
– Shoulder-Fore, Shoulder-In, and Shoulder-Out
– Haunches In and Out (Travers and Renvers)
– The differences between Leg Yield and Half Pass
– Selecting a horse on suitability, confirmation, and soundness
– Tack fitting

PLEASE NOTE:  The clinic is being subsidized by a private donor who has offered to pay all travel and lodging costs for Nicole.  Rates may adjust accordingly in the future, so be sure to sign up for this clinic!!

Riding will take place in our indoor arena or outdoor arena, weather permitting.

Concessions and overnight boarding are available on site.

A certified ASTM/SEI helmet must be worn for all mounted riding.

NO REFUNDS for this Clinic

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